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Hauntology 유령들


Choreographed by Bora KIM


·  6 dancers 

·  60 min.

·  Premiered : September 2022 / Seoul Arts Center, CJ Towol Theater, Seoul, Korea


2023.11 Hong Kong HOT POT showcase / Hong Kong

2023.10 PAMS Choice showcase / National Theater of Korea - Daloreum, Seoul Arts Market, Seoul, Korea 
2022.09  Opening for SIDance /
Seoul Arts Center, CJ Towol Theater, Seoul, Korea


It starts from “what makes our bodies dancing?”

And it tells about the boundary between reality and fiction about existence.

There’s a French word, Hantologie (Hauntology), near-homonym of Ontology. This is the starting point of this piece.


The choreographer, Bora got the inspiration from the Philosopher, Jacques Derrida, “The moment of change is so instantaneous that the ghost appears with being captured at all”

She hopes this work can introduce the “dance” itself by breaking away the structural form of choreography, and falling into the most pure form.


In this piece, 6 dancers are searching for the process by which the dance itself occurs.

Invisible, but existing. That’s the moment when the body meets dance.

She says, this phenomenon, Hauntology, in this piece.

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