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Artistic Director Bora Kim

Choreographed by Soyoung Choi


·  2 dancers 

·  20 min.

·  Premiered : November 2018 / Namsan Contemporary Series, Seoul, Korea


2023.05 The PLACE London-Korean Dance Festival / London, UK

2022.06 MODAFE Korea / Seoul, Korea

2021.10 Gunsan International Dance Festival / Gunsan, Korea

2021.10 SIDance(Seoul International Dance Festival) / Seoul, Korea

2021.08 Chuncheon Arts Festival / Chuncheon, Korea

2020.09 (Premiered) Bundang Theater / Seongnam, Korea

Every organism, despite some similarities, has its distinct formation. 
The unprecedented pandemic has changed our sense of body through experience and memories of unstability. 

In these unavoidable yet strange times, how can we connect to the transformed body and find out what that means for us? 

'Byeol Yang' creates forms by taking the original state of the body as its starting point to explore the ways in which to describe the world with movements.​

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