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Silicone Valley 


Choreographed by Shahar Binyamini (Guest Choreogpraher)


·  10 dancers

·  20 min.

·  Premiered : 2019. 07. / Art Project BORA & GUESTS

2021.10 BIDAM(Busan International Dance Market) / Busan, Korea

2021.10 Korea Dance Festival / Cheon An, Korea

2021.10 Goyang International Dance Festival / Goyang, Korea

2021.06 MODAFE Korea / Arko Arts Theater, Seoul, Korea

2019.07 Art Project BORA & GUESTS / Seoul, Korea




A mixture of unique relations between old and new, reality and fiction, the human body and

the bionic body.

The will to explore and define a new movement and visual language reflecting to the urgent

questions of humanity in our days.

“Exploring the meaning and purpose of dance in a globalized, digital era of the 21st century.”

Shahar Binyamini


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