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Art Project BORA


A creative group who breaks down the concepts of genre and space with the body as a subject, and discovers the original image and sense of transformation by exploring the original form of the body.


Art Project BORA explores contemporary dance, film, performing arts, music, whilst accommodating a variety of genres into the arts. Through these, they focuses on finding the various facets of unique expressive languages.


By not limiting work to solely having performances in confined spaces such as theatres, Art Project BORA explores a variety of methods to connect with the audience, always challenging the barriers of genres and spatial concepts. They defy the rigid constraints of logic and ideas, all the while creating a feast of images for the senses.

In the work of Art Project BORA, there are ideas that are not verbalized. Even if the structure is not given by language, the audience is interested in the feeling, and it is a work in which abstract but imaginary images are interpreted for each individual.

Rather than a method of making movement in consideration of the narrative aspect, it is a work in which image-telling can be a more appropriate expression, as the ‘design’ image of movement becomes a message by exploring the phenomenon of the body.

Art Project BORA has performed internationally to countries including the UK, France, the Netherlands, Belgium, Finland, Slovenia, Germany, Austria, Italy, Estonia, USA, Canada, Russia, Mexico, Brasil, Uruguay, Japan, and Singapore.


  • Finding varieties of methods to connect with the audience
  • Breaking the barrier of genre and space concepts
  • Stimulating the audience by the creative and witty choreography
  • Focusing on the image-telling


Artistic Director

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