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Choreographed by Bora KIM


·  8 dancers 

·  60 min.

·  Premiered : November 2018 / Namsan Contemporary Series, Seoul, Korea


2023.07 Sync NEXT 23 / Sejong Arts Center, Seoul, Korea

2022.06 The PLACE London-Korean Dance Festival / London, UK

2021.10 SPAF(Seoul Performing Arts Festival) / Seoul, Korea

2019.10 The 22nd of SIDance(Seoul International Dance Festival) / Seoul, Korea

2018.11 (Premiered) Namsan Contemporary Series / Seoul, Korea

From the title of this piece, MUAK, MU means dance, AK means music.

So MUAK means music for dancing.


It’s about the relationship between sound and movement.

The choreographer thinks, the piano has the most similar structure to the human body.


Using physical force, the performers dismantle a piano creating a live soundtrack through their movements, inviting the audience to see the sounds as a spectator and hear the movement as a listener.


During this dismantling, the each part of the piano, can be another instrument, and it can be a tool with the body. When the sound occurring dismantling the piano(the sound as raw material) meets the movement, and this itself opens up infinite sensory possibilities to hear, see and feel. She also wants to deliver the essence of the message “Music for dancing”

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